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The story

About Us

Teez Deez Nutz NFT is a project composed of 10,000 NFT’s hand crafted. We unified the most experienced people in the industry to deliver a remarkable and unique, cutting edge product.

With the designs to look like iconic VILLAINS from some of the largest films and video games out there

We have a trustworthy community to be apart of. By holding one of out NFT's, there will be a play to earn game earn passive income. You can sell your own NFT in our Metaverse Games, where there are thousands of other holders. Holders will be able to stake their NFT's through our website and collect daily yield in our native token "$Jokez.

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Nft Gaming Integration

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Holders Earn Passively

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Introducing Teez Deez Nutz NFT: Uniting Creativity and Community

We are thrilled to announce that Teez Deez Nutz NFT is embarking on an exciting journey to become a community-driven project. Our focus will be on fostering a strong and supportive community where members can share their passion for iconic villains and artistic creativity. We believe that by putting our community first, we can achieve something truly remarkable together.

Handcrafted Artistry: Celebrating Iconic Villains

Teez Deez Nutz NFT remains committed to creating 10,000 handcrafted NFTs inspired by iconic villains from beloved films and video games. These unique and captivating designs will serve as a canvas for our community members to express their love for these characters and showcase their artistic talents.

Empowering Community Collaboration:

We recognize the value of each community member's contribution. Through collaborative decision-making processes, we will actively involve our community in shaping the future of the project. Your ideas, feedback, and creative input will be the driving force behind Teez Deez Nutz NFT.

Play-to-Earn with a Twist

While we acknowledge the importance of tokens, we will prioritize the community's engagement and enjoyment. Our "play-to-earn" game will offer not only passive income opportunities but also thrilling challenges and quests inspired by the villains we admire. Through these interactions, we aim to build an even stronger community spirit.

Metaverse Games: A Collaborative Virtual World

Teez Deez Nutz NFT is more than just NFTs; it's an immersive Metaverse Games experience. Here, our community members will co-create an interactive virtual world, where creativity knows no bounds. We invite you to bring your ideas and inspirations to build a dynamic, collaborative, and inclusive Metaverse.

Community-Driven Impact:

Together, we will explore ways to give back and create a positive impact. Whether it's supporting charitable causes, organizing community charity events, or fostering initiatives that promote art education, our shared efforts will extend beyond our digital realm.

Community Events and Activities:

To strengthen our bonds and foster a sense of togetherness, we will organize exciting community events and activities. From art competitions and fan discussions to live sessions with industry experts, these engagements will bring us closer and celebrate our shared passion for villains and NFT art.

Our Goals


Phase 01


• Develop and launch the pre-sale of our NFT collection, featuring 666 unique NFTs at a discounted price

• Begin development of the Metaverse game and integration of NFTs into the game

• Launch marketing campaigns to promote the pre-sale and Metaverse integration

Phase 02


• Release the first batch of NFTs for sale, featuring an increased price from the pre-sale

• Continue development of the Metaverse game and integration of NFTs into the game

• Host events and competitions within the Metaverse game to drive engagement and sales

Phase 03


• Release the second batch of NFTs for sale, featuring an increased price from the previous batch

• Continue development of the Metaverse game and integration of NFTs into the game

• Introduce new gameplay features and in-game items that can be purchased with in-game tokens

Phase 04


• Release the third batch of NFTs for sale, featuring an increased price from the previous batch

• Complete development of the Metaverse game and integration of NFTs into the game

• Launch the Metaverse game and NFT integration, allowing players to use their NFTs in-game and earn in-game tokens for gameplay

Phase 05

Gen 2

Coming soon ...

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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teez Deez Nutz NFT?

Teez Deez Nutz NFT collection is designed to be a key component of a Metaverse game that provides an immersive and engaging gaming experience for players. The collection is composed of unique and high-quality NFTs featuring a range of villainous characters with distinctive personalities, backstories, and abilities.

What Blockchain is it Launching?

Ethereum Blockchain

Why should we choose Teez Deez Nutz NFT?

Holding a piece of Teez Deez Nutz gives you the privilege to belong to the most vibrant and inclusive horror community on Web3, where members can connect, engage, and share their passion for the horror genre through the NFT powered game.

How secure is the NFT and The Token?

All NFTs in the collection will be powered by a secure blockchain infrastructure, ensuring the authenticity and scarcity of each NFT.

What Marketplace can we buy and Sell the NFTs?

The NFTs will be fully transferable and can be bought, sold, or traded on popular NFT marketplaces. highly sought after by NFT collectors and gaming enthusiasts alike.